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Tamaya Wine - Winemaker's Gran Reserva Line - Sauvignon Blanc

Pale gold yellow, dazzling and pure. Unique and elegant expression of gooseberry, white flowers and citrus fruit. Crispy texture and great volume at once, thanks to its origins and a judicious barrel growing, give birth to a great personality and an explosive finish.

Sauvignon Blanc

Varieties: Sauvignon Blanc 100%

Style: Elegant and potent, typical of the Limari Valley

Production: 330 cases

Yield: 7.000 tons/hectare

Age of the Vines: 12 years

Soil Type: Coluvial, sandy and granitic, with limestone influences

Irrigation: Computer controlled drip irrigation, regulated by an evaporation tray

Analysis: Alcohol 13 % vol.

Vinification: The grapes have been harvested the 16 of February, in small 12 kg containers. The story begins at 6:30am, when people enters the vineyard to select only healthy and perfectly ripe bunches. A second selection is made just before entering the press, without destemming, under gaz protection. The press time is around 3 hours, with low pressure and few rotations to obtain the cleanest and clearer juice as possible. The rope is decanted, and once clean, fermented with selected yeasts. Temperatures are totally controlled between 14 and 16 degrees C to keep all the potencies. When fermentation is well advanced, with 5f of sugars consumed, one cuater of the juice goes to 400 lts French oak barrels, to keep on fermenting while the rest is fermented in steel tank. From fermentation until the end of the process, wine is in contact with its fine lees, removing them twice a week to get better volume and character. The barrels are checked every week, until finding the perfect balance between fruit and wood. Then, the wine in barrels go back to the tank and the barrels are newly filled with the “fresh” wine coming from the tank. The purpose of this “loop” is to avoid a too heavy oaky character and to preserve all the personality. This process has been run 4 times during 7 months to reach the final blend.

Tasting Note: The pure and bright yet very pale golden-yellow-almost white gold-color announces the wine’s youth. Little by little the nose opens with much grace and elegance, showing notes of gooseberries and fresh lemon over the typical floral boxwood backdrop. Aromas of nectarines and green apples appear along with more subtle notes of passion fruit. A spicy trail of breadcrumbs and a bit of fennel intertwine and lend a touch of seasoning to the multidimensional complexity to this Sauvignon. The palate starts solid and firm and steadily builds its volume around a vibrant mineral axis. The aromatic purity maintains its profile throughout this expansion and accompanies a tense and lively structure. The refreshing finish brings gooseberries to share the stage with white fruits, herbal notes, lights spices and a mineral spark.

Best Enjoyed: Right now and at least four years more.

Winemaker: Jose Pablo Martin

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