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Physical Address:
National Refrescos Import Company
891 Georges Rd.
South Brunswick, NJ 08852


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National Refrescos Import Company
PO Box 7265
North Brunswick, NJ 08902


About Us

For the past 25 years National Refrescos Import Company has been establishing itself in long term relationships with our winery partners. We recognize that over the past 25 years there has been an increase in world-wide admiration for the wines from around the world. Wines from Latin America tend to be immediately appealing on release. Chile and Argentina have established international reputations for wine makers who know how to create and style wines that elegantly express the Terroir and the distinctive fruit of the vine.

Company personnel are professional, bi-lingual administrators who work closely with our winery and distributor partners. They travel regularly to the wine making regions, keeping an eye out for locally gifted producers to provide them with the broader recognition they deserve. We establish long-term relationships with the wineries to insure our mutual commitment to consistently high wine quality and to successful brand building.

Vineyard site selection is the single most important aspect of quality grape production. Technology is creating advanced methods of vineyard site selection. The Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are among the best of these. Our wineries rely on them to optimize their vineyard design and the wine styles of the local Terroir.

Since protecting the QUALITY of the wines is a crucial factor in their preservation, National Refrescos Import Company and all of its distributors utilize temperature-controlled warehouses.

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