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Inu Wine - Chardonnay

A Chardonnay from the coastal area near the Pacific Ocean in the Maule valley, which is a privileged origin for growing cold climate varieties. This bright yellow wine with golden hints is recognized for its strong citrus aromas which accompany a superb mineral character. In nose, aromas of tropical fruits like pineapple combine with citric grapefruit notes. In the mouth, fruity flavors combine with a balanced minerality, giving it a nice freshness.


Varieties: Chardonnay 100%

Vineyards Origin: Hijuela Estate, Maule Valley

Soil Type: Mineral soil with red clay.

Climate: Gentle, with cool nights and foggy mornings, Hijuela is one of the coolest areas in the Maule Valley

Harvest: Hand picked March-April

Winery: CWC Winery 165 miles south of Maule, Chile

Ageing process: 100% in stainless steel tanks.

Bottling date: August

Best Enjoyed: With all sorts of seafood, salads and white meats.

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